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Our people make the difference.

New Horizons’ caregivers make every effort to ensure you or your loved one get the best in home care Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding area has to offer. We believe utmost in the dignity of the individuals our caregivers serve. To ensure each caregiver is a good match we carefully select individuals who have a genuine concern for the well-being and comfort of those they serve, and perform their job duties with respect, a gentle touch, kindness and humor.


All of our caregivers go through extensive prescreening before hiring, including a thorough interview process, resume fact-checking, drug tests and a background check.

Once hired, our caregivers receive an extensive orientation and basic training on their first day. Following the orientation, each caregiver undergoes individual hospice, and drug interaction. In addition, we provide on-going seasonal trainings and trainings by outside industry-leading speakers. Our specialist caregivers undergo even more training in the fields of memory loss, medically fragile conditions, pediatric and MS/ALS care.


New Horizons’ licensed nurses supervise the care our caregivers provide at all times, and a nurse is available any time, any day, 24/7. Our professional caregivers have over six months verifiable work experience and/or have their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate.

Because of our passion for providing great in home care Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding area trusts as well as finding just the right caregivers, we have a very low turnover rate compared to our competitors.

There is no charge or obligation for an initial assessment. For more information or to set up an initial assessment, please call one of our four local offices in Eugene, Corvallis, Florence or Salem.


Customer Reviews

New Horizons In-Home Care

Customer Testimonials

J. M. May 4, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The people I've worked with have been so straightforward and honest. They really care about how it's going. The caregiver is very understanding, knowledgeable. He can see ahead and makes some suggestions. I can leave if I need without the least bit of worry. He is really proactive, I know he cares and trust him impeccably.

Pamela V. April 9, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
I like how nice the caregivers are. The office staff is prompt on getting somebody out here when it is needed and the caregivers make me feel better than what I am. They are willing to do anything I ask of them.

Barbara W. February 2, 2020

Corvallis, Or Client
We are happy to have them because they do well. They come when they are supposed to and do what they are supposed to. They do things that we didn't know we needed. They assess the situation well and plan for the right care. They are very dependable and thorough and are very friendly and helpful. We're very satisfied.

Candice S. April 1, 2020

Salem, Or Client
They are very helpful and on time with things. They do what they say they are going to do. They will talk to me and help me when needed. I don't have to wait forever to pick up my calls and they are quick to get back to me. It has been positive.

Sharon R. April 01, 2020

Salem, Or Client
The caregivers will do anything that we ask of them. They have been very convenient. and are able to be here and do things for us that we cannot do.

O.H. February 14, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The caregiver they sent me is awesome. People in the office staff are friendly and they know what they are talking about. The case manager, is a wonderful person and she knows her job. If I need something, all I have to do is call them.

Mary B. April 01, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
It has taken a great load off of our shoulders, especially mine. It has helped my health as well and gives my husband some social time. They are really good at scheduling around our schedule and are matched very well to his needs. We always recommend them to others who need care.

Denise B. March 02, 2020

Salem, Or Client
My caregiver is wonderful. I wish I could have more time. They do so much for me that I can't do for myself. They spend a few minutes to talk with me and be social. They are very open, caring, patient, outgoing, understanding, and kind people. If I need help with anything they will always help me. They are so helpful. I don't know what I'd do without their services.

Gail P. February 13, 2020

Florence Or,
The office staff found the right person for us. They check in regularly. What we need is someone who could do the cleaning and we have that. I like the fact that they have provided the kind of assistance that we needed. The caregiver we have is excellent.

Barbara N. February 12, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
They are courteous, respectful, and serve good food, and do everything we ask. They did all of their duties and everything was done in a timely manner. They were very helpful.
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